The Law of Ancient Athens David D. Phillips

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Published: November 1st 2013



The Law of Ancient Athens  by  David D. Phillips

The Law of Ancient Athens by David D. Phillips
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This important new volume contains the principal literary and epigraphical sources for the law of ancient Athens. It covers the Archaic and Classical periods, from the late 7th century BC to the end of democratic government in 322 BC.The Law ofMoreThis important new volume contains the principal literary and epigraphical sources for the law of ancient Athens. It covers the Archaic and Classical periods, from the late 7th century BC to the end of democratic government in 322 BC.The Law of Ancient Athens assumes no prior knowledge of Greek law and is accessibly and comprehensively organized by topic: homicide, wounding, battery, hubris, sexual offenses, defamation, marriage and dowry, children and citizenship, inheritance, damage, theft, contracts and commerce, impiety, and treason.

David D. Phillips has translated all sources into English, and he has added significant introductory and explanatory material.The volumes unique feature is its presentation of the actual primary sources for Athenian laws, with many key or disputed terms rendered in transliterated Greek. The translated sources, together with the topical introductions, notes, and references, will facilitate both research in the field and the teaching of increasingly popular courses on Athenian law and law in the ancient world.The book is designed not only for specialists but equally for teachers, students, and general readers who are interested in the ancient Greek world, the history of law, and the history of democracy.

Nonspecialists will also find this volume welcoming: it is organized in a user-friendly fashion, progressing from the person and the family, to property and obligations, and to the gods and the state.

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